Get your loved one a card that says it all,
from “Anniversary,” “Marriage,” “Heartbreak,” “Breakup,” or “Reuniting.” Whatever the
reason or season, we’re sure you can find something that relates to or captures your particular
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I Don't Like To See You Cry
  I DON'T LIKE TO SEE YOU CRY   I don't like to see you cry It makes me..
  ANNIVERSARY   Another year has passed and our love is still strong An..
  WOUNDED      I got the picture, a while ago I just didn..
Missing You Already
  Missing You Already       It’s that time again Th..
  MAGNIFICENT   My heart cry tears of joy just thinking of how much I love ..
My Lady
  MY LADY   She’s sexy and sweet She’s poised and meek She..
You'll Always Have A Place In My Heart
    YOU’LL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE IN MY HEART   I’m coming to underst..
Battered Soul
  BATTERED SOUL     I must admit, since I’ve met you I’ve ..
  CHEMISTRY     It feels very good meeting someone where the conne..
My Inspiration
  MY INSPIRATION   My inspiration That’s what you are to me You..
  MARRIAGE   A chance encounter or just fate Whatever the circumsta..
Moving On
  MOVING ON   Fresh out of a relationship with a lot inside going on Am..
That Chance
  THAT CHANCE     I understand your patience and somewhat relu..
I Like You
  I LIKE YOU   I like you, like I haven’t liked someone in a long time ..
Brief Season
  BRIEF SEASON   Your leaving was truly a blessing in disguise And I do..