Get your loved one a card that says it all,
from “Anniversary,” “Marriage,” “Heartbreak,” “Breakup,” or “Reuniting.” Whatever the
reason or season, we’re sure you can find something that relates to or captures your particular
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I Enjoy You
  I ENJOY YOU     I feel the connection between us, however slow d..
Letting Go
  LETTING GO   Sometimes I like to soak in my sorrow Reflect back on th..
I Can't Wait
  I CAN’T WAIT   I can’t wait to see you I really can’t I can..
You're Not The One For Me
  YOU’RE NOT THE ONE FOR ME   After careful deliberation and much heartac..
Painful Reality
  PAINFUL REALITY     I’ve been through this before Yet I st..
Meeting You
  MEETING YOU     Meeting you is like a breath of fresh air I ..
  SLOWLY       Your absence brings a void to my life ..
My Heart Aches, Too
  MY HEART ACHES, TOO   Don’t think I’m not hurting, too My heart a..
  HURT   Never felt this way Never been hurt like this before It se..
Will You Forgive Me?
  WILL YOU FORGIVE ME?       Will you forgive me? Can..
Slip Away
  SLIP AWAY!     Here I am – sitting, thinking Eyes closed a..
Just Sitting Here Thinking
  JUST SITTING HERE THINKING       The nights are har..
Out Of My System
  OUT OF MY SYSTEM   I’m constantly thinking of you and the things we use..
I Miss You
  I MISS YOU      I don’t know what I feel at this time ..
Even Still
  EVEN STILL   Even still with all hostility nearly gone No more fussin..