Get your loved one a card that says it all,
from “Anniversary,” “Marriage,” “Heartbreak,” “Breakup,” or “Reuniting.” Whatever the
reason or season, we’re sure you can find something that relates to or captures your particular
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Slip Away
  SLIP AWAY!     Here I am – sitting, thinking Eyes closed a..
Just Sitting Here Thinking
  JUST SITTING HERE THINKING       The nights are har..
Out Of My System
  OUT OF MY SYSTEM   I’m constantly thinking of you and the things we use..
I Miss You
  I MISS YOU      I don’t know what I feel at this time ..
Even Still
  EVEN STILL   Even still with all hostility nearly gone No more fussin..
Infatuation Phase
  INFATUATION PHASE   I’m feeling much better these days It’s amazi..
Simply Beautiful
  SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL       Meeting you was truly a blessing..
  STANDARDS   What ever happened to standards? Expecting the best and g..
  REALIZED   At first, we both tussled with what we already knew Realiz..
Will You Marry Me?
  WILL YOU MARRY ME?   I’ve waited for this day my entire life And pa..
A Beautiful Feeling
  A Beautiful Feeling     It’s truly amazing The feeling of ..
A Painful Goodbye
  A PAINFUL GOODBYE   Although I like you a lot and love parts of your pers..
I Really Miss You
  I REALLY MISS YOU       It’s not the same without you..
What More Can I Do
  WHAT MORE CAN I DO     I’ve repented I’ve apologized ..
Soul Mate
  SOUL MATE   The feeling is amazing The dream realized The union i..