Get your loved one a card that says it all,
from “Anniversary,” “Marriage,” “Heartbreak,” “Breakup,” or “Reuniting.” Whatever the
reason or season, we’re sure you can find something that relates to or captures your particular
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Wasn't Meant To Be
  WASN’T MEANT TO BE     Months gone by, disappointments and hea..
You Should've Been Mine
  YOU SHOULD’VE BEEN MINE   If I’d had the courage to make that approac..
  TIME   Breathing in   -    Breathing o..
Parting Ways
  Parting Ways   We met, we talked, and we’ve dated for some time We..
I Understand Now
  I Understand Now   I understand now More clearly than before I un..
  REJECTION     Definitely not a confidence booster More like ..
A Part Of Me
  A Part of Me     I feel the pain Dead center In the cent..
Since Our Breakup
  SINCE OUR BREAKUP   Since our breakup you seem to be relieved You’r..
A More Deserving Soul
  A MORE DESERVING SOUL     On this particular day Out of the ..
I Deserve You
I Deserve You   Who knows when or where? How or why? The purpose a person se..
Double-Edged Sword
  Doubled-Edged Sword     We’ve been friends for years; we..
I Miss The Hell Out Of You
  I MISS THE HELL OUT OF YOU     You never know how truly connecte..
I Don't Like To See You Cry
  I DON'T LIKE TO SEE YOU CRY   I don't like to see you cry It makes me..
  ANNIVERSARY   Another year has passed and our love is still strong An..
  WOUNDED      I got the picture, a while ago I just didn..