Express yourself with a card that says it all, from “I Love You,” “My Inspiration,” “Still In Love,”
or “Magnificent,” and much more. Love is the most powerful force in the world and you can
say it with a wonderful greeting for your special loved one.
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I Understand Now
  I Understand Now   I understand now More clearly than before I un..
Respect For Love
  RESPECT FOR LOVE   Experience is a good teacher And over the years I..
In The Heat Of Passion
  IN THE  HEAT OF PASSION   In the heat of passion everything seems OK..
That's Love
  THAT’S LOVE     Love doesn’t quit after every little argumen..
  CHEMISTRY     It feels very good meeting someone where the conne..
Love Confusion
  LOVE CONFUSION   I don’t know what’s wrong with me I’ve never f..
The Woman For Me
  THE WOMAN FOR ME   A woman who understands herself Understands the sa..
Searching For Love
  SEARCHING FOR LOVE     Experience is a marvelous teacher And..
What Is Love
  WHAT IS LOVE?       what is love if you can not show it..
Love Hurts
LOVE HURTS     If you’ve ever cared for someone If you’ve ever been..
  EMOTIONS   I can’t seem to get you off my mind I can’t ..
Inspired Meeting
  INSPIRED MEETING     Out of the blue you came Out of the blu..
Love Online
  LOVE ONLINE     Here we are, talking, chatting, and falling ..
You Should've Been Mine
  YOU SHOULD’VE BEEN MINE   If I’d had the courage to make that approac..
I Think I'm In Love
  I THINK I’M IN LOVE   Let’s see now I hope this doesn’t run you..