Express yourself with a card that says it all, from “I Love You,” “My Inspiration,” “Still In Love,”
or “Magnificent,” and much more. Love is the most powerful force in the world and you can
say it with a wonderful greeting for your special loved one.
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Inspired Meeting
  INSPIRED MEETING     Out of the blue you came Out of the blu..
Love Online
  LOVE ONLINE     Here we are, talking, chatting, and falling ..
You Should've Been Mine
  YOU SHOULD’VE BEEN MINE   If I’d had the courage to make that approac..
I Think I'm In Love
  I THINK I’M IN LOVE   Let’s see now I hope this doesn’t run you..
Love Will Come
  LOVE WILL COME     Sometimes you can’t see the rainbow for the..
Just Sitting Here Thinking
  JUST SITTING HERE THINKING       The nights are har..
Road To Recovery
  ROAD TO RECOVERY   A steady process A re-gathering of oneself Tim..
This Pain
  THIS PAIN   This pain I feel I can’t explain It hurts so bad inside..
A Beautiful Feeling
  A Beautiful Feeling     It’s truly amazing The feeling of ..
  MAGNIFICENT   My heart cry tears of joy just thinking of how much I love ..
Still In Love
  STILL IN LOVE     Feeling gloomy all the time now Can’t st..
Have You Ever Loved Someone?
   HAVE YOU EVER LOVED SOMEONE?   Butterflies Sleepless nights ..
It's Ok To Love
  IT’S OK TO LOVE   Relax, don’t be afraid I won’t hurt you I..
God I Love You
  God I Love You     Oh! what would I do If it wasn't for you ..
My Inspiration
  MY INSPIRATION   My inspiration That’s what you are to me You..