Express yourself with a card that says it all, from “I Love You,” “My Inspiration,” “Still In Love,”
or “Magnificent,” and much more. Love is the most powerful force in the world and you can
say it with a wonderful greeting for your special loved one.
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It's Ok To Love
  IT’S OK TO LOVE   Relax, don’t be afraid I won’t hurt you I..
God I Love You
  God I Love You     Oh! what would I do If it wasn't for you ..
My Inspiration
  MY INSPIRATION   My inspiration That’s what you are to me You..
Love Like This
  Love Like This     What’s wrong with me? I keep asking mys..
A Place In My Heart
  A Place in my Heart     We met, we talked, and we’ve dated for..
True love Never Dies
  TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES       When the connection is made ..
Love Me For Me
  LOVE ME FOR ME   I don’t ask or require much And I don’t try and ..
My Love
   MY LOVE   I equate meeting you to winning the lottery Except fo..
Unrecognized Love
  UNRECOGNIZED LOVE   One may seek and desire to find that special someone ..
It Feels Good
  IT FEELS GOOD   It feels good to express one’s emotions Reveal more..
Difficult Love
  DIFFICULT LOVE     It’s difficult trying to move on Get pa..
Time To Love
  A TIME TO LOVE     There comes a time in a person's life &nb..
  CONSUMED   Listen to me carefully I’ve never been like this And..
Joy In My Heart
  JOY IN MY HEART   Have you ever felt like crying? Just beca..
Will You Marry Me?
  WILL YOU MARRY ME?   I’ve waited for this day my entire life And pa..