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Satisfaction Is Not For Me
  SATISFACTION IS NOT FOR ME       Once you get satisfied..
It's Inevitable
  IT'S INEVITABLE       It's inevitable, I say  ..
The Journey
  The Journey   The wind whispers to me Sometimes brash and sometimes s..
Then I Would
  THEN I WOULD   If I could help the people I know Ease their pain just..
I See America
  I SEE AMERICA   September 11, 2001       I..
Why Worry
  WHY WORRY       Through all of my trials   ..
When A Dream Comes True
  When A Dream Comes True   When a dream comes true  It makes you ..
Dare To Dream
  DARE TO DREAM   I dare you I dare you to dream I dare you to use ..
Life Is But A Dream
  Life Is But A Dream   In good times and in bad In happiness or if you..
If You Wish
  IF YOU WISH     If you wish, you will get If you wish, guess..
I'll See You At The Top
  I'LL SEE YOU AT THE TOP       I know you wished the wor..
Enjoy Life
  ENJOY LIFE!      Life is funny – like a winding road ..
   BLESSING   Sometimes we look for opportunities in all the wrong pla..
Think Big
  THINK BIG       It's amazing to see and be   ..
Keeping Spirits Afloat
  KEEPING SPIRITS AFLOAT       In a time of discomfort an..