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Tiny Steps
  TINY STEPS       On a daily basis in my life  ..
Why I'm So Happy
  Why I’m So Happy     It’s good to be with someone you love ..
Follow Your Dream
  FOLLOW YOUR DREAM       There are many of us who have a..
If I Could Help One Person
  If I Could Help One Person   If I could help one person I’ve done a..
  COLLEGE       I go to school, I study, I pray  ..
Be True To Your Heart
    BE TRUE TO YOUR HEART   In all you do be true to your heart An..
Start Of Something New
  The Start of Something New   This is a beginning for me  The sta..
The Little Things
  THE LITTLE THINGS   It’s the little things that last The little thi..
I See Myself
  I See Myself       I see myself winning ..
Something Good Is Coming
Something Good Is Coming   Something good is coming I feel it in my bones So..
  TRAILBLAZER       Some people are followers some people..
Appreciate Life
  APPRECIATE LIFE       Appreciate life because you only ..
Something To Develop
  SOMETHING TO DEVELOP   A diamond in the rough Is where all people sta..
We Must Change
  WE MUST CHANGE   We’re all connected Your pain is my pain Your ..
A Second Chance
  A Second Chance   In life you will see the good and the bad In life I..