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Appreciate Life
  APPRECIATE LIFE       Appreciate life because you only ..
Something To Develop
  SOMETHING TO DEVELOP   A diamond in the rough Is where all people sta..
We Must Change
  WE MUST CHANGE   We’re all connected Your pain is my pain Your ..
A Second Chance
  A Second Chance   In life you will see the good and the bad In life I..
Don't Give Up
Don't Give Up   I know at times it gets pretty tough Things go wrong and you cal..
Why Settle For Less
  WHY SETTLE FOR LESS   Why settle for silver When you deserve gold ..
Satisfaction Is Not For Me
  SATISFACTION IS NOT FOR ME       Once you get satisfied..
It's Inevitable
  IT'S INEVITABLE       It's inevitable, I say  ..
The Journey
  The Journey   The wind whispers to me Sometimes brash and sometimes s..
Then I Would
  THEN I WOULD   If I could help the people I know Ease their pain just..
I See America
  I SEE AMERICA   September 11, 2001       I..
Why Worry
  WHY WORRY       Through all of my trials   ..
When A Dream Comes True
  When A Dream Comes True   When a dream comes true  It makes you ..
Dare To Dream
  DARE TO DREAM   I dare you I dare you to dream I dare you to use ..
Life Is But A Dream
  Life Is But A Dream   In good times and in bad In happiness or if you..