Maintain or reaffirm that friendly love with a special friendship card today.

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  FRIEND A friend when I win And a friend when I lose A&..
good people
  GOOD PEOPLE     In this day and age I treasure meeting good ..
Thank You
  THANK YOU       What would I do if it wasn't for you ..
A Friend To Me
  A FRIEND TO ME       A friend to me is someone I can tr..
Sacred Is You
  SACRED IS YOU   Sacred is you don’t you know The gifts you have wil..
Beacon of Light
  A BEACON OF LIGHT       The ability to brighten up a ro..
Double-Edged Sword
  Doubled-Edged Sword     We’ve been friends for years; we..
People Like You
  PEOPLE LIKE YOU         It’s people like you..
I See The Victory
I SEE THE VICTORY       I see the victory when others see the clou..