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  ATTITUDE       It can help you   It can hu..
I'll See You At The Top
  I'LL SEE YOU AT THE TOP       I know you wished the wor..
One Idea
  One Idea       One idea can change your entire life ..
Never Give Up
  NEVER GIVE UP       When it seems like it’s time to q..
As The Birds Begin To Sing
  As The Birds Begin To Sing       As the clouds begin to..
Just Dream
  Just Dream       It's not a crime to use your mind ..
Something To Develop
  SOMETHING TO DEVELOP   A diamond in the rough Is where all people sta..
Have You?
  HAVE YOU     Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’..
I See The Victory
I SEE THE VICTORY       I see the victory when others see the clou..
Why Settle For Less
  WHY SETTLE FOR LESS   Why settle for silver When you deserve gold ..
You Can't Stop Me!
  You Can't Stop Me       You can't stop me   ..
Drive On
  Drive On       When all of the cards are stacked agains..
Aim High
  Aim High       All I do is think of things   ..
Positive Steps
  POSITIVE STEPS   Winning or losing is a positive step Because losing ..
Keeping Spirits Afloat
  KEEPING SPIRITS AFLOAT       In a time of discomfort an..