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Education Is Important
  Education Is Important   Everything I want I aim and pursue Everythin..
Never Stop Learning
  NEVER STOP LEARNING       Never stop learning  ..
Don't Give Up
Don't Give Up   I know at times it gets pretty tough Things go wrong and you cal..
Patterns Of Insecurity
  PATTERNS OF INSECURITY     You may feel you need someone in your..
  COLLEGE       I go to school, I study, I pray  ..
Dream On
  DREAM ON       When you close your eyes you enter a pla..
Just Dream
  Just Dream   It's not a crime to use your mind   It's not a ..
Live Again
  LIVE AGAIN   I understand and surely can relate to your situation I k..
Just Wait And See
  Just Wait and See       My mind constantly turning ..
Hold Your Head Up High
  HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH       Hold your head up high ..
New Attitude
  A New Attitude   I woke up one morning with nothing really to do &nbs..
Satisfaction Is Not For Me
  SATISFACTION IS NOT FOR ME       Once you get satisfied..
  ENTHUSIASM     Enthusiasm is energy, enthusiasm is life It'..
The Journey
  The Journey   The wind whispers to me Sometimes brash and sometimes s..
Just Continue
  Just Continue       Continue to strive, continue to see..